Youngsters learn about money, saving during Piggy Bank Pageant

Published: Apr 15, 2019 12:04:50 PM

The TS Institute and TS Bank discussed money and finances with third grade students in five classes at Washington Elementary in Atlantic on Monday.

Kyle Osborne, director of the TS Institute, and Amy Coenen, TS Bank Atlantic branch manager, spoke as part of the Institute’s Piggy Bank Pageant program.

“It’s a program in which we reach third grade students with financial education and a cardboard piggy bank, which the students design and then are eligible for a $5 prize per classroom based on the best decorated piggy banks,” Osborne said.

On Monday afternoon Osborne engaged students with information based around three questions - 1. Where does money come from? 2. How do we get money? 3. What can we do with money when we get it?

For question one, Osborne and Coenen handed out a number of bills and coins for the students to take a look at.

“I throw in some learning on the parts of a coin, what money is made of and the process of how money gets to communities around the U.S.,” Osborne said.

The TS Institute is the nonprofit arm of TS Banking Group and is dedicated to teaching financial literacy to K-12 students across southwest Iowa, while also providing resources for teachers and administrators.

“We care about the future of our youth and we care about the tools and skills of our educators,” Osborne said.

Written by Mike Brownlee