TS Bank, Pay ZERO in fees for paper statements

By TS Bank
Published: Nov 18, 2016 12:40:00 PM

At TS Bank we constantly look for ways to improve our client’s experience and help each person bank on their own time, in their own way. In order to accomplish this, we offer a wide variety of products and services to meet these needs. This includes continuing to offer services to clients who may choose not to leverage technology or may use limited technology.

We do actively promote eStatements, debit cards, mobile banking, etc… as these services do either save the bank money or provide income to the bank in various ways in addition to providing value to our clients. However, this does not mean that we will stop offering services such as paper statements or telephone banking to our clients that still rely on these to manage their finances. Our philosophy with statements is that we do feel electronic statements are more secure and timely since they are delivered via online banking the day after the statement cut. If a client chooses not to receive eStatements, we are more than happy to mail a paper statement at no cost. Depending on the checking account you open with us, we may not offer to mail back copies of check images, but our contact center employees are happy to assist clients who require a copy of a check for any reason. Also, check images are available within TS Bank Online, our online banking system.

Service charges are normally charged in situations where (1) the bank is attempting to deter or discourage certain behavior or (2) there is added value in the service. On the flip side, (3) a bank may choose not to charge fees for services we encourage clients to use. An example of each may be:

  1. Overdraft Fees – Overdraft fees are in place to discourage overdrafts. TS Bank has taken the stance that these fees should be more closely related to the dollar amount of the item (debit) vs. a one size fits all approach. We also strive to provide free and low cost overdraft protection options to our clients to help them avoid overdraft fees.

  2. Stop Payment Fee – If a client calls in to request a stop payment, we will ask some questions to ensure this is the best option and, if the item is less than our stop payment fee, we will make sure the client is aware of this prior to placing the stop payment so they can make a risk based decision of whether they want to pay the fee or allow the item to be paid and handle the dispute directly with the payee. The bank accepts liability if the payment is not returned in a timely manner and our client is given the opportunity to stop a payment for a good or service where they did not receive the agreed upon value they expected.

  3. Mobile deposit capture – Mobile deposit capture allows our clients more flexibility in when they choose to do their banking and we have chosen to waive any fees to ensure clients are more likely to download our app and give this service a try.

Rather than charge an arbitrary fee for services such as paper statements, we choose to have conversations with clients about their options and ensure that we are able to find a mutually beneficial solution for each client, as each of our clients is unique when it comes to their approach in managing their finances.

TS Bank offers two checking account options that provide paper statements: TS Checking and TS Checking PlusInterested? Stop in one of our three convenient Council Bluffs locations or open an account online today!

Written by TS Bank