The Game of Life: Insurance, Wills, and POAs

Published: Mar 8, 2018 11:56:43 AM

A mother of six is left a widow with all children under the age of 18, their father, the main source of income, passed from an early, unexpected death. What does the widow do to ensure the best upbringing for her family? 

Unfortunately, this is the exact scenario Travis Castle, owner of American Family Insurance, Castle and Associates, went through first hand as a young boy. Luckily just months before his father’s fatal accident, he had taken out a life insurance policy. Without this essential step, life for Travis and his five siblings might have been very different.

Travis Castle’s story was one of his leading motivations to work in the insurance industry, knowing first hand how such a simple policy can change someone’s life forever. Castle and Associates, now with four offices in the Omaha metro area, prides itself on fair advising, helping you find the best policies to protect the assets you have worked so hard for. 

Where are you the most exposed?

According to Travis there are three areas where people are the most exposed.

  1. Auto Insurance. Not only is auto insurance important it’s the law, and you have to have it. Having a policy that protects you and any one you might affect is essential. 

  2. Home Owner Insurance. Much more goes into how insurance than one might think. “Acts of god” aren’t the only thing this type of insurance covers.

  3.  Life Insurance. You love your family, make sure they have everything they need in the case of an accident.

Mary Jewell, Fiduciary Officer, VP, JD for TS Prosperity Group is also featured in this podcast and discusses the four different types of Power of Attorneys and the important role they can play in the event of an accident or an absence. 

Are you prepared in the case of an accident? Listen to learn more about Insurance, Wills and POAs here or by clicking below. 


Written by Madaline McVay