Leadership CB inspires Mahan to join MICAH House Board of Directors

Published: Aug 24, 2018 10:20:18 AM
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Leadership Council Bluffs is an intense, graduate level program, designed to identify and develop leaders within the Council Bluffs-area community and help them design and enhance their own leadership style with an emphasis on the community perspective. The program was developed to “identify, motivate and inform future leaders in our community.”

The Program
Sessions are designed to help participants sense what Council Bluffs needs. The program exposes future leaders to the past, present and future of the community by combining presentations of current leaders, tours and dialogue between participants and the community decision-makers. The goal is to bring class members face to face with the challenges Council Bluffs is meeting and to inspire them to accept responsibility for providing necessary leadership. Social opportunities encourage participants to become better acquainted and foster mutual interests in working together to address challenges facing this progressive, growing community.

The Benefits
Leadership Council Bluffs graduates’ benefit in many areas. Participants refine skills and realize potential, review Council Bluffs' history and become involved in its future. They examine connections between various community systems. Students gain direct experience in new areas and establish valuable relationships – both personal and professional – which endure long after graduation. Employers or sponsoring organizations benefit from the invaluable insights and experience gained, as well as from participants' improved leadership skills and involvement in the community.

Meet TS Bank’s 2018 Graduate
Lindsey Mahan, TS Bank’s Cash Management Specialist, graduated from Leadership CB in July of 2018. Her most memorable day was what is called “non-profit day.” Lindsey and others in the class toured MICAH House and MOHMs place, which aligned with Lindsey’s personal believes and inspired her to do more in the Council Bluffs community. She now serves as a Director of the MICAH House board.

MICAH house is an emergency family shelter in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which serves Southwest Iowa and the Omaha-metro area. For more than 30 years, MICAH House has been a haven for families and individuals experiencing the crisis of homelessness. The shelter provides the resources and support necessary for clients to regain self-sufficiency and reenter the community.

Class 30 Community Trustee Project
Each year, the Leadership CB class chooses a community trustee project to become involved in. This year, the class selected the Dream Playground Re-Imagined project. Lindsey was especially excited about this because as a Council Bluffs native, she remembers playing at the old playground, built over 25 years ago. The build was planned in two key phases and was to be completed by community volunteers along with a lead team named ‘Play By Design.’ Phase one involved tearing down the old playground and placing posts for fencing.

During Phase two, Lindsey was quickly recruited to do general labor, which consisted of using basic power tools and constructing parts of the project that did not involve running a saw. After two days of working numerous projects, Nathan from the lead team, Play by Design, decided to instruct her on how to run the saws. She was very quick to catch on and was cutting boards in no time. Phase two was meant to complete the project but in six days and over 900 volunteers fell short of its completion goal.

Lindsey spent five of the six days of Phase two at the playground, using 32 of her 50 volunteer-time-off hours (VTO) and many more hours of her own time. She is thankful that TS Bank encourages its employees to get out in the community and volunteer. She was asked countless times while at the build, how she was able to spend and dedicate so much time to the project and was quick to tell everyone that TS Banking Group so graciously gives all of its employees 50 hours of VTO each year.

“It was humbling to know this is very out of the ordinary and we are so unlike other places,” said Mahan.

How to get involved with Phase Three

Phase three is planned for Tuesday, September 4 through Saturday, September 8. They are looking for volunteers between 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. each day. Water, snacks, lunch and dinner will be provided for all workers. Sign up for a shift here.

For more information about Leadership CB, view the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce’s website here. To see the full Leadership CB class 30, click here. Learn more about what Lindsey does for TS Bank by reading her blog titled “Does you business suffer from any of these cash management hang-ups?” here. Contact Lindsey at 712.487.0442 or at the Treynor location.

Written by Melissa Peterson