Leadership CB Creates the Next Generation of Leaders

By TS Bank
Published: Jun 22, 2016 10:30:00 AM
Topics: Community
Leadership CB Creates the Next Generation of LeadersWhat is Leadership Council Bluffs?

Leadership Council Bluffs (LCB) is an intense, graduate level program that is designed to identify and develop leaders within our community and help them design and enhance their own leadership style with an emphasis on the community perspective. The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce, in a partnership with the Leadership Council Bluffs Alumni Association, has developed a special program to identify, motivate and inform future leaders in our community.

Why should I join Leadership CB?
Leadership Council Bluffs is intended to offer individuals with community leadership potential the opportunity to develop knowledge and sharpen leadership skills through a series of sessions focusing on issues affecting our community.

The goal of Leadership Council Bluffs is to bring class members face to face with some of the challenges the Council Bluffs community faces and accept responsibility for providing necessary leadership.  The intent of the Community Trustee Project (CTP) is to engage class members in a leadership role working with a partner agency to support and advance that agency’s mission and to create a positive impact on the community.

How can I stay connected with Leadership CB?
Once a participant has completed the LCB program, they are able to stay connected through the LCB Alumni Association (LCBAA).  The LCBAA hosts events throughout the year for alumni members to network and connect with each other.  Each year, the LCBAA offers scholarships for individuals to participate in the LCB program.  In addition, the alumni members are able to give back to the community through participation in programs like Adopt-a-Street.

How many members does Leadership CB have?
The Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that over 575 people have completed the Leadership Council Bluffs program. Over 12 TS Bank employees have completed the program. 

 What do members of Leadership CB say about the organization?
“Leadership CB was a chance to meet individuals in the Council Bluffs Community who are focused on making this community strong, vibrant and prosperous. As someone who grew up in Council Bluff, it was a great experience and  learn more about how Council Bluffs is growing and evolving. This program allowed me to get to know the people who are making that change happen and challenged me to be a part of that change.” – Kristi Waffle, COO

“Leadership CB offers participants an amazing opportunity to learn about the history of Council Bluffs and its present strengths and challenges. I was able to meet both existing and emerging leaders within Council Bluffs and build professional relationships within the greater Council Bluffs community. It was an extremely beneficial and educational experience.” – Sandy Mass, Fiduciary Officer, VP

For more information on Leadership CB visit their page on the chamber's website or follow them on Facebook

Written by TS Bank