Growth = Opportunity

Published: Nov 2, 2015 2:55:00 PM
Topics: Community, About Us

Over the past several years TS Bank has had the opportunity for growth in many of its sectors. In fact, in a little over a year’s time the company has grown to over 100 employees, and completed an expansion of its corporate headquarters in Treynor, Iowa. Future new branch openings in Atlantic, Iowa in December 2015 and a second Council Bluffs branch will only leave more growth for the bank’s family.

This year TS Bank was ranked one of the Top Iowa Workplaces, but what sets the company apart from the rest? TS Bank offers a fast-paced, entrepreneurial-like work environment, where each employee is encouraged to be the “CEO of his or her position.” TS Bank not only offers a competitive benefits package, but also 401k contribution and match. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of professional development and volunteer opportunities as well as participate in the employee wellness program, all provided by TS Bank.  

“I love that employees at TS Bank are considered an asset. Training and development is always encouraged, even if it isn’t required,” said Sally Myers, AVP of TS Bank’s Client Contact Center. “I love that our employees are able to be knowledgeable on the latest and greatest products and efficiencies in our industry. It not only benefits the employees and the bank, but our clients as well.” 

Not only is the bank invested in its employees, but also in its communities. Each year TS Bank gives 10% of it pre-taxed income back to the communities it is a part of. The company strives to keep the idea of community banking alive, and to ignite prosperity in the communities it serves.

Are you are interested in working for TS Bank? Click here to view available positions and qualifications.  

Written by Madaline Eblen