Great Investors Look for Investments That Grow in Value

By TS Bank
Published: Oct 11, 2016 3:35:00 PM

Now our CDs can grow in value over time. Interest is only part of the potential growth of a CDtwo®. The redemption value of a CDtwo® typically grows as the account ages. 

You can check the redemption value of your TS Bank CDtwo® any time here.

Below is an example of how someone with time remaining could redeem early with all of their principal, current interest, and $50 extra. By using the website you can find out what your current CDs could be redeemed for today if they had been purchase as CDtwo® accounts from TS Bank.

Redemption Date: 5/28/16
Maturity Date: 9/1/16
Amount of Current Principal and Interest on Deposit: $101,000
CD Annual Percentage Yield: 1.00%
Current Market Redemption Value: $101,050

Wouldn’t it be great if everything got better as it aged?

Open a CD... withdraw early... Collect a bonus! When rates drop, our CDtwo® rises.

Some CDs have substantial penalties for early withdrawal, while others claim “no-penalties” but, have you ever heard of a CD that pays you a bonus when you withdraw early?

When rates change, our CDtwo®, a next-generation CD, gives you options - including a bonus when you withdraw early and interest rates have declined. CDtwo® is the same as a traditional CD, except without a standard early withdrawal penalty. Like any other CD, it pays a fixed rate of interest over the life of the deposit. The client can keep his or her money in the account and earn the stated rate to maturity. 

With CDtwo® you get: 
Choices - Terms to maturity can be selected up to 60 months. Hold the CD to maturity or redeem early and collect a possible bonus. 
Stability - CDtwo® is FDIC-insured, which means your principal and interest is protected.
Flexibility - The decision and timing of any early withdrawal is entirely yours. 

Contact TS Bank to get a full demonstration and take advantage of this great opportunity!

*CDtwo is a trademark of Stanley Performance Strategies LLC. Partial withdrawals are allowed. Penalty for early withdrawal only if interest rates rise. Penalty for the first 7 days is 7 days of interest. After the first 7 days, the penalty/bonus is determined by the Replacement Fee. The Replacement Fee is an estimate of the interest cost to us if we were to replace a CD that is withdrawn early with another deposit having a term that is comparable to the remaining term of the original CD. 5 month - 60 month terms available. If interest rates have risen, then the cost of the new deposit will be higher. If interest rates have fallen, then the cost of the new deposit will be lower. TS Bank reserves the right to limit deposits to this account. $10,000 minimum to open. TS Bank, Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

Written by TS Bank